Many small business owners hire janitorial and technology services but attempt to handle their own bookkeeping. You can hire a part time bookkeeper who may or may not have related experience, teach them what YOU need them to know and then hope they work out. You can pay the employment taxes, vacation time, sick time & coffee break time…or you can HIRE PROFESSIONALS!

We are a team of dedicated individuals whose combined experience and work history surpass even the BEST of the best employees and we don’t charge for vacations. So, do what you do best – let us handle the rest! Because proper record keeping is not about being prepared for tax season, it is about making good business decisions. By utilizing solid financial data you can identify such things as business cycles, profit centers, excess costs…to help you make informed decisions for your future and success! Now, isn’t that worth the investment?

We are also Quick Books Pro Advisors!

Full Service

The internet has revolutionized the way we manage our business. We don’t need an accountant to tell us our bank account balance, we can know that with a simple click. We don’t need to cut checks to pay our bills, we can set that up online too! We only need someone to tell us where in the world is all of our money going!! We use the latest in technology to record, track and even pay your bills if you so desire. We can help you discover where you are making (and losing) money on a monthly or quarterly basis so that you can plan and adjust accordingly.

  • Enter Bills for approval/payment, cut checks
  • Prepare client/customer invoices
  • Sales Tax filings
  • Track job costs
  • Reconcile all accounts (make sure accounting & statements match!)
  • Make adjusting entries for non-cash items
  • Book asset purchases & calculate depreciation

After the Fact

Many business owners/managers still like paper. Paper checks, paper statements, paper invoices. If that is you, and you still like doing this yourself, we can still help. By entering your checks, invoices, bills & receipts on a monthly or quarterly basis we can eliminate the “end of the year” scramble (a dance revisited each year by many small business owners), find calculation errors, bank errors (yes they DO make them!) and keep you informed of your financial position long before tax time. Maybe you are experiencing growth in revenue….you may need to make estimated tax payments to avoid a big tax bill at the end of the year. Now how can a box of receipts & check stubs sitting in the corner tell you all that?

  • Download or enter bank, credit card & loan activity
  • Sales Tax filings
  • Reconcile all accounts (make sure accounting & statements match!)
  • Make adjusting entries for non-cash items (such as payroll)
  • Book asset purchases & calculate depreciation

Monthly/Quarterly Review

If you are into the technology age, you have discovered ways already to download and record your daily cash activities from your banking sites to your accounting software. But are you sure you are recording things in their proper category? How do you record the purchase of that new company vehicle and how do you record the loan payments to the bank? You have a payroll service but how do you account for all of the taxes in your books?

These are questions that most small business owners have and need help on. We assist many small business owners by reviewing their daily entries on a monthly or quarterly basis,make adjusting entries needed and determine how best we can help you better understand your own bookkeeping.

  • Process Implementation & training
  • Bank/credit card/loan reconciliations or review
  • Review of all entries made
  • Make adjustments and journal entries as needed
  • Preparation of Financials for Lenders or Accreditation