The cost of a college education has increased dramatically over the past several years. We have the HOPE scholarship in Georgia but how are you going to pay for the rest of the college expenses? What are you going to do if they want to go to an out of state college or they don’t qualify for HOPE? Have you ever filed a FASFA? What is a 529 plan? These and many more education questions will develop as your children get older and are ready to go to college. You cannot wait until your child or children are ready for college but rather when they are very young or even before they are born.

When do you want to retire? How much money are you going to need each month to live on when you retire? How much savings and retirement funds do you need to retire? What are your options? What is taxable when you retire?

I hear so many people say they are going to start drawing their social security when they reach 62 but that is not always the best decision. Depending on your marital status now and throughout your life, you may have various options to consider when determining the right time to start drawing social security.

We will sit down with you and discuss all the above issues and look at all your options to help you make informed decisions. Remember that if you don’t plan for the future, then you plan to fail. We want to help you achieve all your goals and dreams through good planning and proper understanding of the tax system.

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