Today’s not-for-profit organizations face higher expectations of accountability, transparency, and corporate governance. Auditors of not-for-profits also must deal with requirements that enable them to maintain their independence. This is where we can help.

We can assist not-for-profits with the maintenance of their accounting records and help them prepare schedules needed by the auditors at the time of the audit. This is a win/win situation in that our fees are going to be less than that of the audit company if they have to prepare the schedules and by us doing the work, the audit firm can protect their independence.

The requirements of not-for-profits are becoming more and more complex and most small to medium size organizations cannot afford a full time employee with the knowledge needed to properly maintain the records in compliance with all the technical requirements.

We will meet with the appropriate people of your organization to determine the gaps in the accounting work that need to be addressed and present a proposal as to how we can help the organization maintain more adequate records and prepare for their annual audit.

We also have experience tax preparers who can prepare the not-for-profit tax returns.