Full Service

Constantly changing tax laws/forms and the challenges of online filing, can be too much for many to keep track of. Let us handle this complex arena and guarantee that your employees AND taxes are paid accurately and timely. We will handle all deposits, quarterly & annual tax filings and W2’s. Now isn’t that easy?

“Do It Yourself”-With Assistance

W2, 1099, 941, I-9, FUTA, SUTA…what do they all mean? We are here to help you navigate the forms, filing requirements & ongoing tasks of paying, reporting, withholding & submitting proper taxes for you and your employees. You cut the checks and make the monthly deposits, we handle the rest!


For small-business owners hiring both independent contractors and employees, it is important to understand the distinctions in order to avoid costly Payroll audits from the IRS. We can help you navigate the waters, determine how the individual should be reported, and prepare/submit the required reports.

via: 1099-or-W2 [Infographic]

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