Planning Opportunities for the Life Cycle of Your Business

So you have grown your business and now you want to expand into a new state.Now you have issues to deal with such as payroll in another state, sales taxes for another state, income taxes for that state, etc. The sheer volume of tax requirements can overwhelm you but we can help you will all of these state taxes.

Perhaps your business has grown now to the point that you want the company to maintain a retirement plan and maybe other employee fringe benefits. We can meet with you and discuss your options and how different retirement plans work and are funded. We can also discuss with you the opportunities for the company through offering fringe benefits to the employees.

Is the company owned by you and another person or more? What happens to the company if one of the owners that is involved in the daily activities of the business dies or is seriously hurt in an accident? Is the spouse your new partner or shareholder? What if you are the only shareholder of the business and something happens to you? Is the business going to fall apart or have you made plans to keep it going? We will help you analyze various events that you need to consider and help you be prepared for the appropriate action.

You want to retire in the near future? Well then, what are your plans to sell your business or have a child of yours take over the business? How is this going to be financed? What are your options? Let’s work together so you can be proactive and not reactive.

Take action now to make your company all that it can be.