How is it we all know the future is coming but so many of us fail to prepare for it? Lack of information, understanding and resources keeps many from planning and investing for the future.

Let our team of seasoned tax experts guide you through the world of investments, insurance, savings & retirement plans; understanding the tax structure of each, we can help guide you as to the best way to achive a more secure future.


Individual Taxes and Planning

The income tax rules are always changing and have generally always made the tax returns more complex. No matter what your occupation is or what the level of your net worth is, you need assistance to navigate the confusing tax code while you plan ahead to reduce your tax liability for today and for tomorrow. Our objective is to simplify the process for you. Our seasoned tax preparers help to minimize your tax liability while we work to keep you in compliance with the ever changing tax laws. We want to work with you to develop a tax plan that works the best for you. Also, we are here to help you with changes in your life that affect your taxes such as divorce, loss of a loved one, inheritance, etc.


College Savings & Retirement

While you are dealing with the day to day issues of life, you are also trying to save and plan for the education of your children and/or other family members and for your retirement. We can help you to look at the options that exist for both education and retirement to help you make an informed decision. When looking at planning for education, you need to identify the deductions, credits, exclusions and investments allowable for education expenses. When dealing with retirement, you need to consider the retirement plans that are available to you but you also need to evaluate other items such as your social security options, the use of a ROTH IRA, how to avoid early distribution penalties when borrowing from a retirement plan, and how to budget your spending when you retire.



Estate and trust planning is a complex area with much at stake. You want to feel comfortable that your family, the charitable organizations that you support, and your beneficiaries will receive the inheritance that you want them to have with a minimum of estate and gift tax liabilities. This area contains for many people the hardest issues to address but it will be harder on those you love if you don’t address them. We are here to help you through the process of preparing your will and/or trust documents and we are here to help your executor and/or trusted with their responsibilities.