Specialized in Trusts & Estates

Nobody enjoys addressing the issues that they have to face in order to have their will prepared but because you love your family, you do it to make their lives easier when you are gone. You don’t want to leave them in limbo not knowing your wishes and desires or have your assets go to the wrong person.

We will meet with you and help you address issues that you need to consider before you go to the attorney to have you will or trust documents prepared. We want you to have a successful estate plan by helping you to establish your goals, and objectives.

The estate tax rules give us a lot of advantages that we want to avail ourselves of.But sometimes people will take action with a good heart that ends up creating taxes that they didn’t realize would come into play.

How can we help you in this area?

  • We will help you analyze your situation to determine what documents (will or trusts) will help to achiever you objective.
  • We prepare estate, gift, and trust tax returns.
  • We can serve as advisors to you executor and/or trustee or even serve as your executor or trustee.
  • We can discuss with you other opportunities such as donor-advised funds and other charitable entity options or charitable remainder trusts.
  • We can help you plan for the succession of a closely held business to the next generation, to employees, or to an outside party.

Take that hardest step forward now, call us to help.